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January 2016 Shipping News Roundup

winter storm jonas
Winter Storm Jonas
If you missed December’s Shipping News Roundup, check it out here… Winter Storm Jonas: The snowpacolypse to end all snowpacolypses came and went, and in the process dumped historical amounts of snow across the eastern parts of the United States. Between January 22-23, Jonas pretty much lived up to the insane expectations, and then some. Of course, all this snow created freight delays from Maine to Southern California and everywhere in between. Read more here… Gas Prices Dropping: While the price of gas continues to drop to lows not seen in years, freight rates are also declining. Though gas prices are not the only determinate in freight quote prices, they do play a role. I think we all believe gas will eventually go up again, but until then, a large portion of consumers are actually paying under $2.00 a gallon, which at this time last year, would have been unexpected to say the least. Read more here… Amazon the Freight Forwarder: The retail giant has taken another step to having greater control of their shipping and logistics. Amazon China has now been registered as an ocean freight fowarder. With this move, Amazon has greater control in shipping their Chinese made products to the United States than ever before. Read more here… U.S. Freight Volume Falls: In bad news for the industry, freight volumes have fallen year on year for the first time since 2012, Reuters reports. There are a number of factors for this decline, and though the trucking industry should grow in the long run, the forecast for 2016 varies on who you talk to. Read more here… CC Image courtesy John Gillespie via Flickr

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