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Holiday Shipping 2014 Prices & Trends

The holidays are upon us and this means two things for my family: food and booze. However, before we collectively unbuckle our belts and argue politics with the aunt in town from northern California (or wherever), we have to ship our gifts to our cousins, have to move our freight from one retail hub to the next worrying about freight class, have to traverse the icy roads and extended holiday vacations; all to ensure the shipping industry doesn’t collapse like a house of cards during these most hectic of months. Let’s get to it! Why Customer Specific Pricing Could Be Right For You First thing is first: Holiday shipping prices for 2014 are pretty similar to what they were last year, only a bit higher. The truckload market spiked last year about this time and the prices, well, they never went down. This isn’t necessarily surprising, so let’s focus on the areas of the country where you CAN look to save some money. Holiday shipping prices going INTO California and heading west are looking good. As the shipping gears begin to grind, the retail industry is being filling up trucks moving out of California to the rest of the country. Though rates coming out of California are high, you can get a deal if you’re moving freight back west. Need a quote to make sure? Well, isn’t that convenient…
Another good place to save money on your holiday shipping prices? The east. With all the retail coming out of the west, freight rates in the east are ripe for the picking. Just be careful for the weather delays that could hit your freight as winter buckles down. As they say in one particularly great HBO show: “Winter is coming.” Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to holiday shipping prices for 2014 is the Christmas tree monster. If you’re shipping in Oregon, Washington, or the Carolinas then I have some bad truckload news for you. Lanes are at capacity. Why? They’re full up with giant trees. People are into real-life, living Christmas trees like Brooklynites are into beards, ergo, people are WAY into real Christmas trees. Nobody wants the plastic crap, and bully for them on that front. Do You Know These Freight Terms That Everyone Should Know?  Regardless if you’re shipping LTL or full truckload, the holiday shipping season 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting one. There are a lot of opportunities to save $$$ on your 2014 holiday shipping, you’ve just got to look in the right spots. Talk to one of our FreightPros to see if we can save you some money this season, and remember to follow some basic holiday shipping tips to avoid those pesky shipping mistakes:
  • Be Patient – Weather delays affect all areas of holiday shipping, and drivers take time off for the holidays just like the rest of us.
  • Get your freight in transit early – As a near professional procrastinator, I get the desire to put it off until the last minute, but shipping requires good planning, especially during the holiday shipping season. Everyone needs to ship during the holidays, so don’t get stuck with delays because you decided to send your freight out too late.
  • Have a good time – The holidays can be a pain in the ass, but only if you focus on the travel, family, loss of money, and gain of weight. I’m kidding! Be thankful for what you have this holiday season. These times are over before you know it and soon it’ll be January, freezing, with nothing to look forward to until Spring! If you ask me, that sounds much worse than turkey, stuffing, and presents.

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