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A Guide to Austin’s Coffee Shops

guide to austin coffee shops
Austin Coffee Shops
We are no strangers to coffee here at the FreightPros office. But with the market flooded with Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and other large chain coffee shops (Everyone is guilty in the shadow of the venti iced coffee), what makes a coffee shop special anymore? LOCAL! Local coffee shops are often the lifeblood of many a metropolis across the United States. And Austin is no different. ATX has a great number of unique coffee shops that are strictly local, and unique unto themselves. The following is a list of some of the coffee houses I’ve visited recently around Austin and what makes them cool. Though this is far from a definitive list, it just goes to show the diversification of our neighborhood coffee bars. Cenote: A converted church that boasts more character than you can shake your finger at. Excellent selection of coffee options, beer on tap, BAGELS, and breakfast tacos all under one roof. You can’t go wrong with this Cesar Chavez haunt, just east of I-35. Jo’s Coffee: Whether you enjoy the “I love you so much” location off South Congress, or the larger downtown location off 2nd Street, Jo’s has a unique vibe to it. Excellent sweet delights coupled with excellent coffee. A true Austin icon. Monkey Nest Coffee: What’s not to love here? Live music? Check. Excellent coffee? Check. Super friendly baristas, and superb food? Double check. This laid back atmosphere coupled with an awesome array of coffee blends and brews shouldn’t be missed. For those that spend time in Central to North Austin, this Burnet Rd. coffee shop has it all. Thunderbird Coffee: Three words: Thai Iced Coffee…..so, so, so worth every penny. Thunderbird boasts an overly inviting low key environment with an amazing selection of beers and a good selection of food as well. Definitely worth the visit. Radio Coffee & Beer: You need coffee? They’ve got it. You need beer? They’ve got that too. Ample outdoor seating, taco truck on site, fantastic baristas who know the ins and outs of your coffee and beer needs. This is a repeat coffee house for the south Austin crowd. Stouthaus Coffee Pub: This place is a newer entry into the local coffee shop scene, but definitely worth mentioning. Super friendly staff, a great selection of beer (and kombucha on tap) as well as a delightful selection of unique coffee creations. The industrial appearance coupled with an inviting modern vibe is a perfect blend that every coffee lover will enjoy. I’m sure there’s tons of coffee shops that I’ve yet to visit, but here’s to coffee and the exploration of local brews and flavors. Keep it local. It always tastes better. CC image courtesy Fil.Al via Flickr 

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