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Fun and Fitness with the FreightPros

When you enter the office at FreightPros, you might notice the bobble heads bouncing around the office. No, I’m not talking about the collectible toys one might find on a desk. I’m talking about actual heads bobbing up and down. At first you might be a little confused, but look closer. Sitting in an office chair over 40 hours a week can leave your back feeling knotty. It also leaves you feeling pretty darn lazy. Austin is not known for being lazy. Austinites are actually obsessed with being healthy, and soon we will have medical students right on UT Campus! That is why many Pros on our team enjoy swapping out their typical desk chair for an exercise ball. We have to keep up with the rest of Austin! Here’s why you should too:
  • Your abs will thank you after spending eight hours a day keeping balance as you sit at your desk. (Balance is one of our Core Values.)
  • Not only will your abs thank you, but your back will too. Sitting on an exercise ball encourages you to sit up straight and improves your overall posture and spinal alignment.
  • Stretching just became easier. Slowly lean back a little (be sure to grip something sturdy) and feel all the tension in your lower back disappear.
  • Working out stimulates productivity, so why not do both at the same time?
  • You can burn over 300 calories…just sitting on a ball all day long! (Chew some gum and that’s another 11 calories per hour!)
  • It’s easier to get in the groove of music if you’re able to bounce around a little (or a lot).
  • There is also scientific research that supports the use of exercise balls as chairs.
  Of course, you should be aware of some things if you are considering replacing your boring or uncomfortable office chair. Note: One size does not fit all. Make sure your ball is proportionate to your height so you can balance comfortably! (Because of my small stature, I have found the larger balls to be difficult to sit on, and may have almost fallen once…or twice.) If you find it difficult to keep balance, don’t worry, there are bases you can purchase that support your ball and keep you stable. Although, that might take all the fun out of sitting on a ball. You might also notice as you move around that exercise balls are not the quietest pieces of furniture you could sit on. The friction of rubber and fabric tend to make a funny noise. Your neighbor will just have to get used to it! Obviously, please don’t break a sweat. You shouldn’t be working out that hard. If your breathing becomes audible, your neighbor might take some extensive actions to alleviate the noise. So what are you waiting for? Stop slouching and start bouncing! Warning: Exercise balls are not a toy and should not be used as one. Unless, of course, you are this gymnast. P.S. Thanks for bouncing Ethan!

Danielle Koploy

Danielle is an Operations Intern at FreightPros, responsible for creating, scheduling, and tracking LTL shipments, as well as supporting the efforts of Account Managers and the Sales Team. She studied Public Relations and business at the University of Texas at Austin. Danielle enjoys playing the piano and making electronic music as well as playing competitive matches of Mario Kart--as D.K. of course.

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