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We Hired a New Director of Sales!

Welcome to the team, Erik
Welcome to the team, Erik
Happy Martin Luther King Day! The freight industry is humming along in its usual way, but if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets the day off, enjoy it. Go see a movie. I heard there is a new one out about stars and wars and whatever. We’ve got some great news here at FreightPros: We’re proud to announce the hiring of Erik Loeding as our new Director of Sales!!! (Fireworks! Noisemakers! Someone is playing “Eye of the Tiger,” from the office speakers.) You can read the full press release here, and I encourage you to do so. Erik has years of experience and will undoubtedly grow our company, our culture, and our sales team. But for the purposes of this blog, I talked to Eric less about his resume, and more about how he spends his days… First and foremost is his family. Vacations spent in beautiful Islamorada, FL, where he and his wife got engaged. Recently, as the kiddos have grown up, The Keys have been replaced by The Mouse. Disneyworld. Disneyland. Surrender to the nostalgia and possibly Space Mountain. He likes craft beer and BBQ. I don’t think Austin supplies either of these things. Maybe next time, Erik. Maybe next time… Fan of the Michigan State Spartans on the collegiate level, and the Detroit Tigers and Lions on the professional. Tough couple weeks for your sports fandom, Erik. Feel free to jump on the OU Sooners basketball bandwagon. Plenty of room for you. Crimson would look good on you. Finally, Erik is an avid golfer. He makes it clear that he is not good at golf, however, he enjoys it. Lucky for him, the weather permits year round golfing in Central Texas, so I’m sure those scores will go up. Or down? I don’t know, golf is confusing.

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