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Fostering Intrapreneurship – A General Theme from SXSW Interactive 2014

image via flickr Red Stamp cc
image via flickr Red Stamp cc
One common theme at SXSW this year was the decentralization of organizations and the intensified results with peer to peer review and in-office intrapreneurship.  A great talk about this subject was made by Greg Gunn, VP of Business Development at HootSuite.  Here is a snippet about the presentation. For us at FreightPros, the focus on empowering our employees to approach each task with an entrepreneurial mindset has always been something we value and incorporate into our daily activities.  We believe that in order to scale in a manner that fosters a healthy, evolving company, every member of the team needs to understand how the organization operates to set itself up for sustained improvement.  Each team member needs to know all the variables that go into building the best possible processes and long term relationships with customers and carriers. With freight, it can take up to a year of experience to really wrap your head around the best and fastest way to go about this type of intrapreneurial thinking.  However, we firmly believe that everyone needs to be on the same page — that not only does every member of  our team have the permission, but also the responsibility, to constantly seek out increased efficiencies and areas of optimization.  This takes time, implicit trust and keen training efforts, but the results are worth the time.  We are still very far from where we need to be, but below are some questions about the viability of a customer that every member of our team is expected to think about and then act in the most appropriate way according to their best judgment. Do we understand how the customer’s business operates?  Who are the key stakeholders? Who are their top customers? What are their expectations from us and can we deliver on those expectations?  Do they have unrealistic requests and are we setting ourselves up for failure? How is the communication with the customer?  Are they treating our relationship as a partnership or a commodity?  Will they leave us if they can find someone else to move a lane for $5 less? What is the historical payment history of the customer? What is the life time value of the customer in relation to the time it takes for us to manage their freight given our focus on superior customer service? I could go on and on as there are many more questions that go into every task and account (not to mention the thinking with assigning optimal carrier(s) to accounts based on customer expectations with service/price).  Our viewpoint as a growing, customer intimacy company is that our success requires this level of thinking from every person within the company. There is no better landscape than the freight one for intrapreneurial thinking to capitalize on opportunities because of the multitude of other companies employing short term, transactional, bureaucratic, 9-5 mentalities.  We see it all the time, but still do not understand it. Want more SXSW 2014? Check out The Logistics of SXSW!

Scott Faust

Scott has been with FreightPros since October 2009, and is one of the owners of the business. At FreightPros, Scott focuses on streamlining the daily operations of the business through collaborative thinking. Outside of work, Scott enjoys playing soccer and going to concerts.

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