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Being Fit and Social in Austin (Yes, at the Same Time)

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The Good Ol’ ATX
If you’re like me, you love the IDEA of working out and being fit, but know that’s it’s not always as easy as it sounds. It is easy to fall into the routine of coming home from work and plopping yourself on the couch to watch Netflix until it’s time for bed. But if you live in Austin, you’ll find that there is no excuse for getting some fresh air and exercise. It’s nice out pretty much all of the time. For example, it is literally 75 degrees in the middle of February as I write this blog on my porch. If you don’t know where to begin, and want to be active in Austin, I strongly suggest joining a social sports league. There are a few big leagues here in Austin—NAKID, Austin Sports and Social and WAKA. Between these leagues you can find every sport you would ever want or think of. They offer common sports such as basketball, softball, kickball, etc, as well as more unique sports such as Giant Jenga, cornhole and bowling. So you can play just about whatever suits your fancy. You can also choose to join a team that is at your level of expertise (if you’re worried about looking bad (or too good)). Most teams play another team once a week for some friendly competition. What I believe to be equally as important as getting a good dose of Vitamin D and exercise is the social aspect of these leagues. Austin is a city of transplants; true Austinites have been referred to as unicorns because of their rarity. The Austin Business Journal has reported that 110 people move to Austin EACH DAY (and that was a while ago). With that being said, these social sports leagues can quickly and easily help you settle into a new city and a new group of friends. I recently joined a kickball team with WAKA and am kicking myself (pun intended) that I should have joined right after I moved here to Austin a year and a half ago. It has instantly grown my group of friends and has made a large city feel smaller. After games, there is also the option to join other teams for a drink at the bar so you can always meet other friends who may not be on your team. Now—if you’re like me and have a hard time pushing yourself out the door to exercise, do yourself a favor and get out there and join a social sports league! Trust me; it’s a lot easier when your friends are there. CC Image Courtesy jdeeringdavis via Flickr

Amanda Sassa

Amanda is an Inbound Sales Executive at FreightPros. She loves music, and has taken full advantage of the music scene in Austin. Her favorite outdoor venue to hear music is Stubbs. (It also doesn’t hurt that the venue is shared with Stubbs BBQ restaurant, YUM!) She loves the Steelers and Eagles, Penguins and Flyers, and the Phillies and Pirates. Doesn't really make sense--but we'll take it!

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