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Your Fantasy Football Team is like the Freight World

fantasy football like freight industry
Run like the wind…
You made the wrong picks. There, I said it. Your team is on the ropes. But that’s okay because mine is too, and the other teams in your league probably are too. Chances are you made some suspect picks from the third round on. Your bold and brash decision to pick up the wideout that is going to have a “breakout year” in the 4th round is probably going to be one of the first players you drop. So goes fantasy football. You spent countless hours doing your homework; Excel spreadsheets projecting if Jamaal Charles is going to rush for more yards than Peterson or Murray. Can Peyton still sling it? How many times is Stafford and Johnson going to link up in the end zone? The fact is, you won’t know the answers until the season kicks into gear. For weeks leading up to your draft, all you heard was the “gurus” telling you contradicting information about all of the superstars. How can anyone gain insight from these clowns? They are speaking in generalities, making picks and mock drafts in a vacuum. Your league has different scoring, different opponents, and different motivations than the studio guys. Fantasy Football is situational. A right decision in one place may not be correct for another. The same could be said of the logistics world. Traditional logistics media and publications do the same things as some of these “gurus.” They speak in broad subjects and tell you what you “need to do,” but know nothing about your business, competitors, and what is best for your company. The big brokers of this industry have a similar formula. Sell you on broad stroke ideas, keep you in the dark about carrier specifics, and pass blame when something goes wrong. At FreightPros we strive to do the opposite. We seek out to save you not only money, but time and stress as well. We want to get to know your business and grow with you, not away from you. Our goal is to guide you through all of the tough situations and provide custom solutions for your business and shipping needs. Think of us as your personal Fantasy Football Guru, but for your logistics department. We aren’t going to leave you with broad advice, we are better than those pundits on TV. We’re with you through the thick and thin. Through gut-wrenching two minute drives that propel you to the win, or when your opponent’s kicker hits a 50+ yarder that puts your temporarily in the “Loss” column. We come back by hitting the waivers hard, and doing whatever we can to adjust and put your team in the winning position. So what do you say?  Lets crack open that playbook. CC image courtesy Texas A&M University via Flickr

Ethan Halliday

Ethan graduated from University of New Mexico in 2012 with a degree in Finance. In his free time, he likes to participate in hyper-competitive lawn dart matches, strip mining, and the elusive search for Austin’s best breakfast taco. One day, he will find it.

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