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Employee Benefits Extend Beyond Health Insurance and PTO Days

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“Employee Benefits” are often thought of as health insurance, PTO (Paid Time Off), and Maternity/Paternity leave. These are good things, obviously, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But “Employee Benefits” can also extend beyond these advantages, into team-building, rewards for goals reached, and even something as simple as snacks in the fridge. This past weekend, we held our First Annual FreightPros Company Picnic. To say the least, it was a success. The Freight Olympics commenced with teams competing in tug of war, water balloon tosses, relays, trivia, bean bags…the list could go on and on. But what the whole afternoon really came down to was building a community with our friends and families. Lots of companies preach company culture, and co-workers that are more than just the person you sit beside from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. But how many of those companies take a Saturday to hang out, play games, and build relationships that you might not have time to cultivate in a busy work week? I’ve never seen one. These sorts of employee benefits often mean more than an extra day off for vacation. These activities bring us closer together, and these bonding experiences help us work harder, and more efficiently. Ultimately, we can pass that communication to our customers through our customer service experiences, and business relationships. We say it all the time, so once more won’t hurt: At FreightPros, we’re about more than Freight. We’re about cultivating a standard of excellence in both our work environments, and on a personal level. We believe that’s the true definition of professionalism.

Logan Theissen

Logan is a Content Marketing Associate at FreightPros in charge of social media and content creation. He has a writing degree from the University of Oklahoma, but lives life on the edge and resides in Longhorn country. He loves Murakami books, Tarantino movies, and Vonnegut books. Lots of books. One day he will own a dog, but first he'll have to get a yard.

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