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FreightPros Freight Shipping Guide is Here!

Freight Shipping GuideFor the past few months at FreightPros we’ve been working on something secret, something that we think can change the fickle freight industry for the better. Finally, the time has come to unveil our creation to our customers and we’re excited to see the effects of all those months of hard work. Without further adieu…drum roll please…We are pleased to announce a free FreightPros e-book (our first) called “The Beginners Guide to Freight Shipping.” You can download the book here, and don’t worry it’s totally free. All you have to do is enter your email address and we’ll send you a confirmation email. From there, simply follow the link to download your free PDF of “The Beginners Guide to Freight Shipping.” But let’s go back just a bit, and talk a little about why we wanted to write such an e-book, and more importantly, how we think a freight shipping guide can help you. We’ve talked at length about our ideas of company visibility, and bringing something new to the freight industry. This book is another manifestation of that ideal. We looked around the big, bad internet and we found a serious void in freight shipping materials for the casual business shipper. We were shocked! For such a large and expansive industry, the amount of information available on the web was miniscule. So we decided to change that and created a freight guide for you.

What Will You Find in Our Freight Shipping Guide?

In this freight shipping guide you’ll find everything you need to know about getting started in both the LTL and Truckload shipping industries. That includes basic industry mechanisms such as drivers, trucks, and dispatchers, to in depth analysis of complicated issues such as freight class or damage claims and insurance. We’ve tried to make it as accessible and fun as possible and hopefully shippers will be able to go back and reference any information they might need concerning their shipping. And if you’re looking for more detailed explanations on shipping items, maybe like How To Ship A Mattress or Bed, check out our blogs! So now that you know it’s out there, what are you waiting for? Get your Beginners Guide to Freight Shipping and let us know what you think about it (Feel free to comment on this blog or our other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter). And keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve got lots of plans for great, informative, and fun downloadable content in the future, but we feel this freight shipping guide is a great start.

Logan Theissen

Logan is a Content Marketing Associate at FreightPros in charge of social media and content creation. He has a writing degree from the University of Oklahoma, but lives life on the edge and resides in Longhorn country. He loves Murakami books, Tarantino movies, and Vonnegut books. Lots of books. One day he will own a dog, but first he'll have to get a yard.

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