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Drinking Beer and Moving Freight…That’s What FreightPros Does

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512…Another great Austin Brewery
We love our beers in Austin. As SXSW comes rolling into town you’ll find lots of Bud Light (they’re one of the main sponsors), and if you want to drink that, fair enough. I’m not going to judge you. But over the past couple years, Austin has become a miniature mecca when it comes to drinking and creating “good” beer. Obviously, taste is subjective, but the craft beer explosion is here, and it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Portland, we are not (not yet), but people are paying attention to the beer scene here in Austin. We were no.8 on America’s best cities for beer lovers, and found a spot in Fortune earlier this month for great places to get some brew. As an Austin-based small business, FreightPros takes its civic responsibility seriously. You can see it in our philanthropic efforts around town, our monthly happy hours at different local haunts, our bi-weekly breakfast tacos run, and even our day trips to local breweries like Jester King. As Austin continues to grow and welcome new residents we think it’s important to represent the values that we loved about Austin when we started here, to join the voices that accept change but also fight for keeping things cool. Nobody wants to see Austin change too much.

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So in our own small way we support Austin…by drinking. Nothing’s getting out of hand (our office isn’t hosting keg stands or anything), but the freight industry is tough and a post-work glass of beer in the afternoon can go a long way to relaxing, and building genuine camaraderie among members of our team. And if we’re going to drink, we’re going to do it right. That’s why we only buy kegs from local sources, trying out different varieties as we chug along. We’ve got a “beer man” – AKA Andy Bond from our Truckload team – who handles the pickups and deliveries, and has a Macgyver-like ability to fix the keg when something goes wonky with it. For the new year so far we’ve tried two brews, the Day Trip Pale Ale from ABGB, and Iron Genny from Pinthouse Pizza. In a system where the better the beer, the faster it disappears, these two have a blink-and-you-missed-it quality about them. We’re looking forward to expanding in the future, trying new local beers. Rest assured, we don’t take it too seriously. Beer snobs are the worst.

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“So far the process has been,” says beer-man Andy, “Hmmm….What sounds tasty and what can I pickup during my lunch hour? It’s a very analytical approach.”
Indeed it is. And if you’re a burgeoning beer-maker yourself, looking to move your hops, we’ve got a blog about how to ship beer. Drinking beer and moving freight…that’s what we do.
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