Dreamforce 2013

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What increases the population of San Francisco by 15% in just 4 days?  Customer Support Manager Meagan Norris and I set out to the Golden City to find out. Dreamforce is an annual conference in San Francisco sponsored by Salesforce.com.  Salesforce is the program that the entire FreightPros team uses to manage our customer relations and organize every quote, shipment, and invoice that comes through our system.  When our customer support team handles a pickup, delivery or invoice issue, they juggle communication with lots of different people; shippers, consignees, customers, carriers and internal team members.  Salesforce helps us keep all this important information centralized, which aids in our ability to be PROs who deliver high-quality service! But we’re not the only ones who love Salesforce!  With 120,000 registered attendees, Dreamforce took over nearly every hotel in the downtown San Francisco area.  Salesforce Founder and CEO, Mark Benioff, is credited with turning the software industry upside-down by putting customer service at the core of its business model.  Salesforce’s customer obsession gave us some great ideas on how we can further enhance our customer-centric service offerings.  (Think loyalty programs, referral incentives and philanthropic contributions; the possibilities are endless!)   With the recent release of FreightPros’ core values, we’re proud to have finally put words to what has been our goal all along: to build relationships with our customers that go way beyond the transaction.  We foster long-lasting partnerships with our customers that result in personal and professional growth for everyone involved. Meagan and I are both native Austinites and are so grateful to work for a company that sends us to events like Dreamforce, where we can rub shoulders with some of the world’s most progressive thinkers, learn invaluable information about the future of business, and explore the great city of San Francisco!
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Christie McNeill

Christie is a born-and-raised Austinite and proud of it. In her free time, she enjoys trying new food, road biking, drinking red wine and travelling.

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