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Top 3 Most Dog Friendly Restaurants in the ATX

Main Man Meeko
Main Man Meeko
Sheridan is my name and finding friendly dog restaurants is my game (when I’m not helping save the freight world, Account Management style). Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend, so it makes sense that Austin has gone above and beyond to accommodate your four-legged BFF. Austin is great. Dogs are great. It’s the best of both worlds. Me personally? I love my main man, Meeko, who is a three-year-old American Fox Hound / Rottweiler mix.  He is the king of laziness and love, and would rather attempt to sit in your lap instead of fetching Frisbees or swimming in Barton Springs (which is now illegal!?!?).  When he is not busy adding to the collection of hair that he is constantly shedding at home, we are out and about finding cool places to go together. Here are the top three places that not only I enjoy, but Meeko does too. Meeko and I are frequenters of these joints, and we’re always looking for more spots to hang, get a beer, and maybe a quick dog snack, so if you’ve got ideas put them in the comments! Freddie’s Freddie’s is a great place for man and dog. From their dollar margaritas when it is over 100 degrees outside, to their complimentary dog treats, it is sure to make all visitors happy. They have life size connect four as well as a little doggy playground, so there’s entertainment for all. The location is South First, so there’s a great south Austin atmosphere. Casual and cool; just like Meeko likes it. Torchy’s Tacos Torchy’s Tacos on South 1st is a great spot to take your pooch when you get hungry.  They have a nice outdoor eating area with a loose gravel floor. The Torchy’s team is quick to bring out ice cold water bowls for the hot afternoons and are not opposed to showing some love to the pups as they walk by. Meeko and I love walking to this location so we both get a good exercise in order to burn off the calories from their killer queso. Bangers Located in the Rainey Street district, not only does Bangers have a vast array of locally crafted beers and sausages, but they also house an awesome dog park for the wild ones as their owners enjoy a nice brew.  Bangers is set up with the majority of the tables outside, so you can keep an eye on the dogs as they play in the gated area. There are toys for the dogs as well, and as long as Meeko is looking to be the social butterfly that he is, it’s easy to spend an entire Saturday or Sunday afternoon lounging in the Texas sun. So that’s my list when it comes to hangout digs for Meeko and me. Austin is a big place, with TONS of great places to eat, drink, and throw stuff with your dogs, so I’m sure I’ll find new places as the summer winds down and fall arrives. In a town with as much to offer as Austin, it’s nice that I get to take my dog to so many of these awesome places. It’s unique, and it’s one of the things that makes ATX a great spot for dog lovers. Not to mention the dog parks!!!  

Sheridan Phillips

Sheridan Phillips is an Account Manager and creator of the life size Scrabble wall. When she isn't in the office, you can find her cutting a rug at any 2-step bar in Austin. Sheridan is always on the go and taking advantage of everything Austin has to offer from live music, hiking, spending time at Lake Austin, and enjoying the vast array of tacos and queso.

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