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Container Bar Austin

container bar austin
Container Bar Austin
Being in the shipping business, it’s not often that we intersect (on a professional level, of course) with any sort of nightlife culture. We’re too niche. Too industrial. But then Container Bar opened up on Rainey Street in Austin and changed all that. Container Bar, in the popular Rainey Street bar and restaurant district in Austin, is made up of shipping containers. That’s right; a bar made of shipping containers. By repurposing shipping containers Bridget Dunlap (the mind behind popular haunts such as Lustre Pearl and Clive Bar) has created a totally unique bar scene in a city that is pretty competitive in the field of good times. Container Bar Austin offers beers, cocktails, and food. It’s also popular. On many Saturday nights I’ve seen entrance lines snaking their way out into the street. Production of the containers took over three years from start to finish, but it appears worth the wait; Container Bar serves as one of the many popular bars on thriving Rainey. Overall, there are seven shipping containers designed and stacked on top of and around each other, each offering their own sort of design. Personally, every time I go I think of being in the shipping and freight industry, and how containers just like the ones I’m drinking in are used to ship freight all over the world. Obviously, the particular containers at the bar are unused, but it’s interesting to see repurposed architecture using materials that I think about so often in my day job. It seems there’s a style being cultivated that re-interprets shipping containers in architecture. It’s shipping, and it’s cool; hopefully us brokers in the shipping industry will hit this crossroads of innovative and interesting more often in the future. CC Image courtesy Hunter Cash via Flickr 

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