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Communication Month at FreightPros

communication month
Write it/Do it
Recently, we had our first Communication Month at FreightPros! Continued learning and development are very important to us and our team, so we decided to dedicate an entire month to fostering better communication skills. How we communicate matters, and we wanted to open up a dialogue about the ways we communicate with one another, and in the process establish some best practices in communication. The first thing I did was send out daily emails. Gotta keep up the conversation. These emails ranged from blogs and news articles about communication, to communication-style quizzes, to examples of great communication from our awesome team members. We also had a weekly communication activity that all the FreightPros participated in. The activity, Write it/Do it, was a favorite. Here’s how it’s done: First off, everyone is paired up into twos. The writer (Person A) goes into a room where there is a structure they need to “observe.” Person A has a specified amount of time to take notes on the structure. No pictures or symbols allowed, just words. These notes will be used as instructions for their partner to make the structure (after it’s been deconstructed, of course). Next, Person B comes in alone and tries to re-build the structure based on the notes their teammate wrote down. This is also timed. At the end, whoever gets the closest to the original structure wins! Write it/Do it opened up an awesome dialogue. It really got us thinking about communication and interpretation, and the different ways we learn. Overall, Communication Month was a great experience. We came out of it with some great tools to communicate more effectively, and several best practices in communication that we can refer back to. I’d love to leave you with a small portion from our best practices in communication. This little tidbit is about respectful communication, which is hugely important to us at FreightPros, seeing as #respect is one of our core values. I love this so much because it’s a few quotes from our team members who shared their insights about being respectful to each other, and the power of communication.
  • “Respectful communication is clear, concise and complete.” – Christie Wright
  • “Respectful communication is having a good/positive attitude with whomever you are communicating with.” –Lucas Turner
  • “Respectful communication is discovering, rather than assuming; inquiring rather than demanding.” –Sam Gonzales
  • “Respectful communication is non-judgmental, non-threatening, or accusatory.” –Ashley Phillips
  • “The foundation of respectful communication is being understanding of others.” – Neil Rubenstein

Lindsay Wahlquist

Lindsay joined the FreightPros family in early 2015 as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. She lives in Pflugerville with her favorite crew: her husband, Matt, her one-year old, Liam, and Booch the pooch. She loves spending her days with the awesome FreightPros team. Lindsay also enjoys cooking, swimming, traveling, and all things Bravo.

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