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Who’s Got Your Back? Building a Strong Team in the Freight Game

My name is Matt Harrington. I’m the director of truckload operations at FreightPros, and I‘ve been in the freight game for about eight years. Seeing a little bit of everything from a 3PL perspective has given me some unique insight into the industry, from account management to sales, and now being in a leadership position. I first sat down to write this blog about what to expect during your first few years on the job, but after getting my team’s monthly reviews I realized I had a much better idea for my blog. The common themes coming out of these sessions were teamwork, reliance, confidence, and “we’re ready for more opportunities!” Learn more about Truckload Shipping Seasons Year-Round I came away thinking, “This is the strongest and most well rounded crew we’ve had running our truckload operations during my time at FreightPros.” And not to take away from the team members we’ve had in the past and their contributions, but the reliance and balance amongst the current team has never been in a better place. Now, they still have a lot to learn about this enormous and constantly evolving industry we work in. As anyone who is in the freight game will tell you, there is always something new. But the importance of being able to rely on the people around you (especially in the freight industry) cannot be understated. This got me thinking (dangerous I know), “Who’s got your back and can you rely on them to get the support you need to get the job done?” How do you create a sense of team like the one we have at FreightPros? I’ll outline a few simple things we live by at FreightPros, and they’re SUPREBAD! That is not a typo, it’s our credo. Support– Let your team know you’re behind them and you trust them. That trust will become reciprocal and the expectation amongst the group. The concept of the team is working together to accomplish a common goal, and it’s great to have someone blazing their own path, but make sure their intentions are explained and your team understands the contribution. Produce– Champion efforts and accomplishments, letting these things go unnoticed will kill the drive that produces them. Also, let them know not to have a fear of failure, as it’s not a failure if you have learned from it. Respect– Explain that accountability is the best way to garner respect, and that transcends roles in the office.  Make clear the accountabilities in the group as well, as this allows them to hold each other accountable. Balance– Be flexible and keep the pulse of the team. Knowing when to push and pull as a leader will help your team stay charged and focused on the big picture. Develop– Hear out ideas, big and small and keep an open mind. Look for ways that keeps your crew sharp and fresh. Find unique skill sets within the group and build on those. Uber vs Lyft: What’s the Difference? Some of the brightest minds in the business world today will tell you it’s all about the team, and their ability to work together. But when you bring new people on board how do you create these bonds from a point of leadership? By using the SUPREBAD ideals as a framework for development it’s allowed us to keep it simple and applicable, molding the kind of team member that can support the business model we strive for at FreightPros.

Matt Harrington

Matt Harrington is the Director of Enterprise Sales at FreightPros. He has a degree in Urban and Regional Analysis (fancy way of saying Geography) from The Ohio State University. Matt loves the outdoors and is desperately trying to figure out how to incorporate more golf and fishing into his day to day at FreightPros.

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