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A Freight Broker’s Wishlist for the Holidays

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Happy Holidays from FreightPros
Check out our video on Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays! The holidays are coming, and with them comes the headaches and smiles, bottles of wine, and drunk uncles that accompany our yearly traditions. The holidays are a time for giving and getting presents, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and wishlists. We in the freight industry are no different! We’re humans too, just like you! And so we’ve prepared a list of hopes that every freight broker in your life will wish for this holiday season. 1. Please, oh, please…the earlier you ship, the better. It’s so important to ship early to avoid holiday rushes. Carriers, dispatchers, drivers, claim specialists, and everyone else that works in the freight industry will be taking breaks to be with family and friends. The industry is going to slow down. Transit times are going to get longer, so save yourself the headache and ship early. 2. Don’t freak out over delays. There are basic facts of life: death, taxes, road construction, and holiday freight delays. If you’re hit with some delays, try to keep a calm head. Know that the broker and carrier is doing everything they can to get your freight delivered in one piece. If you’re using a good broker, they’ll flag your shipments as HOT, help out with freight tracking, and ease your shipping mind in times of trouble. 3. You should probably consider freight insurance for expensive items. Not only does having freight insurance help with damage and lost freight, but it assists greatly in the claims process as well. Payouts are for the most part quick and easy, making it simple to get your replacement product out of your warehouse and on the road. And with all the hustle and bustle of the freight shipping holiday season, more items are bound to be lost or damaged. 4. Surround yourself with friends and family –  not freight. Your shipments and your broker will be there waiting for you after the holidays. Shipping is stressful, so take a breather, and decorate that tree like a boss.

Logan Theissen

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