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Being the New Guy at FreightPros & Creating a Culture of #Respect

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Being the new guy at work in most jobs is like transferring to a new school your senior year. You are nervous and don’t really know where you fit in with all the new faces. Yes, names will be hard to remember. Yes, you may start off shy. But in time these people will become your family. At least that’s how it was for me when I started at FreightPros. The first few days are so hectic you can’t help but feel overwhelmed. So many new faces! A plethora of information to learn about the freight world and, trust me, there is an infinite amount to learn about the freight world. I mentioned that being new in most jobs may come with that awkward feeling of not knowing where you fit in. Well, that’s not the case with FreightPros. There is always something to be a part of that will help you get to know your colleagues better. Whether it is being a part of a collaboration group that gets together out of the office every few weeks, joining an office ping pong tournament, or even the monthly company happy hours where work talk is kept to a minimum, FreightPros makes it extremely easy to feel like part of the family! Although there is so much to learn in this crazy industry (don’t even get me started on freight class), there is always someone there to answer my questions and help me with the things I don’t understand. The FreightPros here are eager to pull me aside to show me the things they are working on. The hands on training is extremely helpful and not once has anyone asked me to go “bug” someone else with my questions. As if that isn’t enough, there’s our great freight blog that not only helps to feed your hunger for knowledge of freight, but also give you a more personal insight on what it is to be a FreightPro. I mean, the opportunity to learn here is endless! I always go back to our five core values, and especially how FP has built a culture of #Respect in the office. A lot of companies talk a big game about “company culture,” but it’s refreshing to see that culture in action. SUPREBAD.

Eric Zapata

Eric graduated from Texas State University in 2010 and moved to Austin shortly after. He has been known to go swimming with sharks and has played hide and seek with Big Foot on numerous occasions.

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