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The Adventures of Neil & Tara: In the Land of Bali Weddings

Neil & Tara
Neil & Tara
Tara: Where do you want to get married? Me:  Hawaii! I want beaches and waves! Tara: Well, I don’t want to have to socialize with other married/honeymooning couples the whole time. Me: Good call. Neither do I. Screw those people! Tara: I want mountains. I want jungles. I want culture! Me: That’s a tough one. Where are we going to go that has 1. Beaches 2. Mountains 3. Jungles and 4. Interesting Culture? Tara (thinking…): I’ve got it. Me: Let’s hear it. Tara: Mother. Freakin’. Bali. That’s basically how my wife and I decided where to get married. Our families were pretty excited about it until they found out they weren’t invited (sorry Mom and Dad, no isle walking and tears pouring moments). I know it was kinda harsh, but thankfully our families were amazingly understanding and supportive. We just wanted to avoid the whole craziness of planning an entire wedding. We wanted this to be all about us. More FreightPros Culture: Skydiving with Maya Bali is a beautifully bliss island in Indonesia. The people there take friendly and caring to a whole new level. For instance, if you ask for directions and that person doesn’t know them, they will bounce around with you until you find somebody who does. The way they’re raised, nobody would even think of not helping out. We got to go to a Monkey Forest where a monkey tried to steal my ice cream. That’s a weird sentence but a true story. We were about 20 feet outside the forest and that monkey shot out of the jungle and jumped on my shoulder. I tossed that little sucker aside. It was hilarious. Those little guys are aggressive, but for a good time play dumb and get ambushed; it’s kind of fun! We went to an elephant sanctuary, got to be in the ocean with six foot waves, rode jet-skis, and took part in several traditional Balinese dances/shows that were spectacular. There was also a good amount of the trip where Tara was averaging more than a massage a day…that’s impressive! You try getting more than one massage a day. No easy task! Tailgating with the FreightPros! But enough about Bali; the wedding was amazing! We did a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony which was really amazing. The Se7en Agency did an IMMACULATE job at helping us organize our wedding day. You stab a coconut through a banana leaf with a dagger. You do everything in threes; celebrating the birth, the life, and the death of everything in existence. They bless you with water, you drink the water, drink out of coconuts, get rice put on your face, wear awesome flower head pieces, walk down the aisle of flowers and get to do your vows (not in that order). We got married at sunset overlooking the ocean, a dream came true for both of us at that moment. And yes – I cried. It was the best.

Neil Rubenstein

Neil started as a Solutions Specialist with us here at FreightPros and now is the Inbound Sales Manager. He dislikes the Spurs, the Cowboys, Arizona State (his Alma Mater) and the fair weather fans of Phoenix. Don't worry, nobody really gets it.

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