How to have a Successful Trade Show

how to have a successful trade show

A trade show is a very important milestone for a business. Like a Quinceanera to a young woman, every detail matters and everything needs to be perfect. This is why choosing a freight broker with trade show experience is necessary. Think of how foolish you will look with nothing in your booth but yourself, and …

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Inside Delivery vs. White Glove Service

inside delivery

Inside Delivery and White Glove Service are not interchangeable in the LTL industry, which means you could be paying for a service that does not meet your shipment’s specific needs. At FreightPros, we strive to create an enjoyable and stress-free freight experience, and we do this by making sure the services needed are the services being provided. 25 …

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Shipping to Distribution Centers & Warehouses

distribution center shipping

  Shipping to distribution centers and warehouses can cause your head to spin round-and-round. Luckily, you have a whole freight tracking team with knowledge about shipping to the UNFIs, Davidsons, and KEHEs of the world. Not only are these locations unique, but they also require some special services that add to transit time and cost …

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P.O.D. Proof of Delivery & Delivery Receipts

  Hi, Samuel here – or Sam – I am an Account Manager here at FreightPros, which means I am your freight solutions master. Even with all the training and experience, the logistics industry is still able to throw you curveballs. You can plan into the night, but things happen, and you need to be …

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