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5 Ways To Know If You’re A Freight Broker

5 ways to know if you're a freight broker
Are you a Freight Broker?
Something strange happens when you work long hours trying to make sure you get that residential delivery figured out. You enter a sort of a hazy, netherworld. You see the black dog. One day you wake up and you’re shocked to realize you’ve become a freight broker. It’s like when Spider-Man wakes up from a fever with superpowers. Has it happened to you? Here’s 5 ways to know if you’re a true freight broker. 1. While driving on the highway you can rattle off all the different types of trucks (dry van, flatbed, etc.). And not only that, but you can recognize the names on the side of the trucks, such as Roadrunner or R&L. 2. You always tell people, “there are no guarantees in shipping,” while simultaneously explaining guaranteed shipments. Things get confusing quickly. 3. You’ve become a mult-tasking master. You can hold multiple conversations with multiple people at multiple times. Lots of multiples. 4. You never watch The Weather Channel because you know the weather trends better than Al Roker. You can recite the truckload shipping seasons in your sleep. 5. You have a backup plan for the backup plan, and an expedited shipping company on speed-dial to rescue any delayed shipment that comes across your radar. CC image courtesy erik aldrich via Flickr

Seth Bender

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